Kilton Community Room

Toast Party!

Wednesday, February 19, 2020 - 2:00pm
Kilton Community Room

Get cozy in the Kilton Community Room at our Toast Party for Kids! There will be lots of toast and tea and hot chocolate. Come and hang out! Lots of toppings for your favorite kind of toast. Please contact the library in advance if you have a serious allergy. We don't want anyone to get sick.

Online Security Basics

Kilton Community Room

Learn about using the internet safely and protecting yourself online.

Online Security Basics is a condensed version of our popular Online Self Defense course. Material covered includes:

  1. Basic computer security
  2. Setting and storing good passwords
  3. Using browser plugins
  4. Using VPN's
  5. Using public wifi


and more. Come and learn how to be safer online.

Change the Subject Film Screening

Kilton Community Room

The power of words in incalculable.  While researching immigration, a Dartmouth College student kept encountering the term “Illegal aliens” as a library subject heading. As a person who had grown up undocumented in Georgia, she was disturbed by this institutionalized form of a racial slur.  And so she did something about it: she and other students joined librarians in petitioning the Library of Congress to change its terminology.