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Seed Library

Seed Library

Get free seeds to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in your garden! Find them in the green cabinet at Kilton Library, and you don't need a library card.

flowers grow from a boot, tray, and pot with sparkles floating in the air

How it works



Come to Kilton Library, look at our seeds, and take what you like!



Plant your seeds in your garden, and water as necessary.



Give seeds to loved ones and your community!

two hands hold a plant


Save the seeds from your garden to plant the following year, give to friends, family, or neighbors, or donate to the library! Take a blank envelope from the bottom drawer of our green seed cabinet.

We accept seed donations under the following conditions:

  • Seeds are clean and dry.
  • Seeds are vegetable, fruit, herb, or flower seeds.
  • Seeds are labelled with the plant name and the date saved.

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