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Outreach Policy

The Lebanon Public Libraries system is committed to providing library materials and information to all residents of its service area. Delivery of library materials to residents who are unable to visit a fixed facility, and who meet the eligibility requirements below, is part of that commitment.


To be eligible for delivery of library materials, a patron must:

  • Reside in Lebanon.
  • Be unable to get to the library due to an illness or disability, or be a caregiver to a person requiring continuous care.
  • Reside in a residential facility, or be able to get to or receive materials from a facility where materials will be delivered in a communal setting. Institutions which can receive deliveries include, but are not limited to, nursing homes, senior centers, hospitals, and assisted living centers.


Patrons who receive materials through the Outreach Home Delivery Services may borrow any circulating items. All items, including audios and videos, are charged out for three weeks. Patrons may also make interlibrary loan requests for titles not owned by the Lebanon Public Libraries.

There are no fines on items delivered via the library’s outreach services, and no charge for items that are lost.

Library staff will set up routes for delivery. Patrons may call to place holds for specific items to be delivered on their next route date. As with our other circulating items, popular titles may not be available immediately, but the patron’s request will be placed in the system holds list. Additionally, items can be renewed if there are no outstanding requests.

The Library Director may decide to extend outreach services to other organizations, if the necessary volunteers can be found to do so. Overdue fines and charges for items lost may be imposed on other organizations.


If you have any questions about our free home bound service or would like to receive this service, please call Sean Fleming at 603-442-6163, or email

Adopted by the Board of Trustees: January 22, 2013