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Art Exhibits and Display Policy

The Outreach and Programming Librarian, with the support of the Library Director, is responsible for approving displays and exhibits, ensuring their quality, alignment with the library’s mission and values, and relevance. In exhibiting art and other community displays, the library aims to engage the community, showcase & support local talent, foster creativity, and enhance the library experience for our patrons.

Approval Process:

a. Individuals must submit electronic samples for review.
b. Individuals must submit electronic samples for review.
c. The staff member will review submissions based on merit, relevance, and suitability.
d. Approved artists will receive an exhibition contract to sign.

Exhibitor Guidelines:

a. Materials must be appropriate for the public library space and adhere to legal and ethical standards.
b. Exhibitors set up and take down displays within agreed time frame.
c. The library assumes no liability for loss or damage.

Library staff-created displays promoting resources are exempt from this policy.

Approved by the Board of Trustees: 5/24/2016
Revised and approved November 28, 2023