Here is a collection of resources and actions you can take to fight racism.

Action 1: Educate Yourself

Action 2: Sign Petitions

Online petitions can show public opinion to political decision makers, shine media attention on a story, spur additional action, and raise money.

Action 3: Contact Government Officials

Contacting representatives to demand justice and change is easier thanks to technology. You can call, text, or email them, and there are pre-written scripts you can use as well.

Action 4: Donate

Click here for a list of causes, organizations, and families you can support with your donations.

Action 5: Protest

Click here for a comprehensive list on how to prepare for a protest. A great tip is to write any important phone numbers on your arm, such as the National Lawyers Guild. Find your chapter and contact number here.

Be safe!

Action 6: Vote

We MUST vote in order to make effective long-lasting changes in our laws and policies.