Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Gods of Jade and Shadow

This novel tells the story of a young woman named Casiopea from Yucatan, Mexico in the 1930's, who lives with her extended family in the house of her wealthy grandfather, but is confined to doing housework while she dreams of a life of freedom. Then one day she finds the key to the wooden chest in her grandfather's room which she opens, magically releasing the soul of Hun-Kame the deposed Lord of the Underworld, who has been locked in the chest for over five decades. Casiopea and the god Hun-Kame then travel together on a journey across Mexico, trying to locate the missing elements which will allow the god to regain his place on the throne of Xibalba, the Mayan underworld. Weaving together pre-Columbian mythology with her own vivid imagination, the author tells an absorbing tale of the rivalry between two twin brothers and a young woman's quest for adventure and self-realization.

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