Spike Lee


The film is based the memoir of Ron Stallworth (John David Washington), the first and only black policeman in his department, infiltrating the KKK with his partner Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver). Lee clearly draws direct connection between the racism presented in the film to the political conflicts that resulted in the Charlottesville incident. Lee's point is these men in the KKK like David Duke still mostly exist today. It has only been a generation since the Civil Rights movement; therefore, America cannot assume racial hatred has disappeared within that time. Stallworth is interesting because he believes in fighting for racial equality by rising within institutions rather than joining the protests of the Black Panther movement. He questions how much he can change when the institutions fear blacks because of a predicted race war; and questions if black protest is becoming too polarizing and causes more anxiety than peace. Lee's ultimate argument is American society has allowed hatred to persist in the shadows, hoping to avoid conflict. The problem is what brews in the shadows will eventually grow strong to strike in the light.

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