Nancy F. Castaldo

Beastly Brains : Exploring how animals think, talk and feel

Did you know that dolphins are able to recognize themselves when they look in a mirror? And bonobos share 98.5 % of our DNA and have been observed to use paintbrushes, make music and cook? Also, some crows are notorious problem solvers and tool users. This beautiful book written for children is illustrated with lovely color photographs of owls, dolphins, parrots, monkeys, elephants and chimps. Castaldo's premise is that "animals know more than we think and think a great deal more than we know" to quote Irene Pepperberg , an animal cognition scientist who worked for many years with an African grey parrot named Alex. Covering such topics as communication, self-awareness, making decisions and emotions and empathy, the author sheds light on the amazing capabilities of other sentient beings so that we might understand and reevaluate our relationship to them. This book makes a good case for the treatment of respect and loving-kindness for all living beings.

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