Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Neil deGrasse Tyson has written a little gem of a book on the universe, its nature and time, and how we fit in and how the universe fits within us. He does all this with such skill, humor and humility. The size of this book is perfect too, a small tome that should not intimidate the non-scientists among us. Although, as a person with science background, I learned so much from these short succinct chapters. In the last chapter, Professor Tyson puts this book into its true perspective:'the cosmic perspective' ..."During our brief stay on planet Earth," he writes, "we owe ourselves and our descendants the opportunity to part because it's fun to do. But there's a far nobler reason. The day our knowledge of the cosmos ceases to expand, we risk regressing to the childish view that the universe figuratively and literally revolves around us". We should all adopt the 'cosmic prespective' states Professor Tyson. Everyone who cares about our planet should read this book!

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