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Being a big fan of Alice Hoffman's novels, I recently enjoyed reading a book she wrote for a much younger audience. "Nightbird" is a winner of the Great Stone Face Award and a thoroughly enjoyable story. In her usual manner, Hoffman blends together ordinary down-to-earth living with a sense of the magical. This story takes place in the little town of Sidwell, situated in the Berkshires. The characters include a young girl and her older brother with wings, due to an age-old curse placed by a woman who was a witch. A very easy read, (it was written for youngsters) this tale nevertheless keeps the reader riveted, eagerly going from chapter to chapter, unable to put it down because one wants to find out what will happen next. And of course it has a very happy ending!

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Just a Little Critter Collection

Enjoyable collection for little fans of Little Critter. This collection contains seven humorous stories about a young critter's experience with empathy, independence, emotions, obedience, and chores. The graphics are great and the text is short and sweet. My preschool aged son and toddler daughter turned me into a fan of these stories.