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Summer Reading Program 2024

Join us at the Lebanon Public Libraries this summer for books, games, music, adventure, prizes, and more! We've got special programs planned this summer and you are invited! Come to the Lebanon Library and the Kilton Library and sign up for the Summer Reading Program. It starts on the last day of school (June 12th) at 1pm. We will also have a Bubbles and Boba event for teens at Kilton on June 12 from 5-6pm. Everyone is invited--kids, teens, and adults! There's something for everyone at the library.

A teen camping out at night.  Their tent is a book and they're reading a book.  A moose and bear are silhouetted by the night light from stars and the moon in the sky.

Embark! Fellow Reader

After you've signed up, choose the books that will guide you on your journey. Once you've read ten, return to the library and claim your prizes— the stories of your escapades and, of course, an ice cream coupon. Then, recount your feats to others as you enjoy your cool and creamy reward.

Chart Your Journey

Two explorers walking on top of a map compass symbol pointing north.

To chart your journey and keep track of your progress, grab your punch card from either of our library locations. Each punch marks another step closer to your ice cream reward!

Summer Reading Events

Stay updated on all the exciting activities happening throughout the summer.

A child sits on the mountainside reading and exploring while a bigfoot happily reads behind him.

Join us for a summer of imagination, knowledge, and sweet rewards!