Lebanon Library closed for Renovations

Lebanon Library has officially closed temporarily for renovations! We are making Lebanon Library a safer and more accessible place for everyone, and anticipate that renovations will take about 6 months to complete.

What can I still do at Lebanon Library?

You can still pick up holds at Lebanon Library using Contactless Pickup, although there will be a longer waiting since all books are coming from Kilton Library (up to 72 hours). To receive books more quickly, select Kilton Library as your pickup library.

Feel free to still use our book drops at Lebanon Library!

What about all the books at Lebanon Library?

Fear not! Although most of the books at Lebanon Library will be packed away for safekeeping during the renovations, we are bringing some over to Kilton for you to still access. Remember - we still have all the books in Kilton Library to read too!

How do I contact the library?

To speak with staff, call Kilton Library or email library@leblibrary.com. There will not be any staff to answer phones at Lebanon Library until renovations are complete. 

Contact us with any questions!