Changes to Contactless Pickup!

We are no longer using names on the Contactless Pickup bags, and we will begin using a coded identifier containing: 

1. The first two letters of your last name

2. The last 2 digits of your phone number



If your name is "Jane Smith" and your phone number is "603-245-2556", then your code will be: 


Why are we changing to a code?

This is a dual effort to:

1. Reduce paper waste 

2. Protect patron privacy

What if I don't remember my code?

We will have a sign in the Contactless Pickup area to help you figure out what your code is: The first two letters of your last name, and the last 2 of your phone number.

However, if you need additional assistance, then please come inside and ask a staff member to help you. 


a sign with a pink background with the words "Contactless Pickup Find Your Code" written on a mirror wit ha cute brown creature on the side