Teen - Solar Punk Sketching Ecotopia with Artist Sam Paolini

Solar Punk  Kilton Library 


Tuesdays @ 3:30 PM


9/14 - Sketching Ecotopia with Artist Sam Paolini Using Photo Prompts


We are getting a new mural in the Kilton Library teen space and need your help! Follow these prompts, take some photos of nature and post them on your Instagram. What could our future look like if we reversed climate change right now?  Solarpunk sees the future through green-colored glasses. What does ecotopia look like? And what can we do *now* to get there? Send us a pic of a place where humanity and nature interact. Make sure to tag the artist @_sam_pao and use the hashtag #kiltonsolarpunk. #lplteens #leblibrary


Kilton Green Space
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