The Weaver's Inheritance

Set in 1476, in the turbulent times that were the 'War of the Roses', Roger the Chapman (peddlar) is looking forward to spending Christmas in Bristol. As well as a peddlar, he is somewhat of a sleuth. Margaret, his matchmaking mother-in-law, has barely introduced him to her cousin Adela when Roger's attentions are demanded elsewhere. He gets involved in the return of long-lost son of a wealthy Bristol weaver, presumed murdered on a visit to London six years before who has miraculously reappeared, to the delight of the old man and to the indignation of his daughter,Alison Burnett. She refuses to believe that the bedraggled stranger is her brother Clement. She hires Roger to prove that the long lost 'brother' is indeed an imposter. The author 'weaves' an interesting plot involving 2 murders that ends with unexpected finale. Another interesting and enjoyable aspect of this tale is the royal intrigues that are going on in the background between the brothers York, King Edward, Richard and George, Duke of Clarence. A thoroughly entertaining read.

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