The Book of Dreams

This novel tells the story of Sam, a thirteen-year-old boy in London, whose father Henri, a former war correspondent, lies in a coma at a medical clinic. Told from the point of view of various characters, the narrative weaves through time in a period of forty-six days, as Henri's spirit floats within dreams somewhere between life and death. Through his father's voice we learn that Sam is a synesthete - he has more sensory receptors than other people and experiences a constant barrage of impressions that exists only on the edge of others' perceptions. Sam's senses have a thousand more eyes and ears than most humans and he assigns colors to sounds and numbers, as well as emotions. This novel features other characters as well - Sam's mother Marie-France, his pal and best friend Scott, Henri's lover Edwina, and a young girl named Madelyn who is also in intensive care. All in all this wise story takes the reader on a wild journey through space and time, exploring some of life's intriguing mysteries.

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