The Fire Court

'The sequel to 'The Ashes of London', set in the aftermath of the Great Fire of London in 1666, is built around the The Fire Court with 3 judges set up by the king to get London rebuilt, resolving land and property disputes that have have arisen due to the fire. James Marwood is financially much better off with two clerkships with two different masters, and Sam and Margaret, his servant and housekeeper. His regicide and religious father, Nathaniel,suffering from his years in prison,now afflicted with dementia, thinks he is following his dead wife, Rachel, to the Clifford's Inn, in the very place where the Fire Court sits. Then his father is run down and killed. Accident? Or another murder? Determined to uncover the truth, Marwood turns to the one person he can trust – Cat Lovett, the daughter of a despised regicide. Marwood has helped her in the past. Now it’s her turn to help him. But then comes a third death… and Marwood and Cat are forced to confront a vicious and increasingly desperate killer whose actions threaten the future of the city itself. This is a great story and a very informative, compelling book, difficult to put down.

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