On Dangerous Ground

The third in the Sean Dillon series doesn't disappoint. In 1944. just outside Delhi, a British Dakota crashes, taking lives and destroying a clandestine treaty signed by Lord Mountbatten and the Communist leader, Mao Tse-tung, an historic agreement, one set to change the course of history concerning the proposed handover by the British of Hong Kong in 1997. Sean Dillon enters the fray when a death-bed confession from a Mafia kingpin reveals the answers to the secrets about the treaty. Both British and Chinese governments would pay dearly for its destruction. With the backing of the British Government Dillon goes up against the uncompromising violence of the Mafia and, of course, the enticing dangers of a beautiful woman. The explosive climax of this book plays out in the wild scenery of the Highlands of Scotland. A great, fast, action-packed read whose roguish but deadly main character Sean Dillon, I'm beginning to like.

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