Portrait of a Spy

Eleventh in the Gabriel Allon series finds Gabriel and his wife, Chiara, in London, visiting a gallery in St. James’s to authenticate a newly discovered painting by Titian,when a pair of deadly bombings in Paris and Copenhagen mar this autumn day. And while walking toward Covent Garden, Gabriel notices a man he believes is about to carry out a third attack. Before Gabriel can draw his weapon, he is knocked to the pavement and can only watch as the nightmare unfolds. Gabriel returns to his isolated cottage on the cliffs of Cornwall, until a summons brings him to Washington and he is drawn into a confrontation with the new face of global terror--an American-born cleric in Yemen to whom Allah has granted “a beautiful and seductive tongue.” Once a paid CIA asset, the mastermind is plotting a new wave of attacks. To destroy this network of death , Gabriel must reach into his violent past moving at a breathtaking pace from Washington to London to the climax in the Saudi desert. This is an extremely entertaining, but sobering book to read with an ending that defies description. Five Stars!!!

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