Touch the Devil

Liam Devlin returns in a Cold War adventure that pits two IRA veterans against a terrorist-for-hire Frank Barry, who has been wreaking havoc in Germany and France, with backing from the KGB. His next mission might be his deadliest, as Barry plans to steal a state-of-the-art missile and sell it to the highest bidder. Retired IRA gunman Liam Devlin and his ally Martin Brosnan, directed by a British black ops unit, are the only men that can prevent the missile from falling into the wrong hands. But first Devlin must stage a thrilling jailbreak to free Brosnan before the men set off on a gripping race against the clock to eliminate Barry and his reign of terror. Like the first Liam Devlin book this is a fast-paced thriller, with any number of twists and turns in the plot. The final twist is the most jaw dropping!! On to the next one...

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