The Fort : a novel of the Revolutionary War

In the summer of 1779, a small British force of fewer than a thousand Scots, backed by three sloops-of-war, sail to New England. They establish a fort, to be called Fort George at Penobscot Bay, in the eastern province of Massachusetts that would become Maine. Massachusetts sends a fleet of more than forty vessels and some one thousand infantrymen to deal with these the foreign invaders. However ineptitude and irresolution lead to a overwhelming defeat, when the British send a huge fleet to relieve the fort. This was for me, another Bernard Cornwell page-turner, which I couldn't put down. His ability to describe battle scenes and the combatants is wonderful. You feel as though you are right in the middle of the fighting. It was also an eyeopener for me to learn that a Boston silversmith and 'patriot' named Paul Revere, faced court-martial for disobedience and cowardice as a result of his conduct in this assault on the British.

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