Meeting Room Policy

The Kilton Library meeting rooms include the Community Room, the Conference Room, and the Tutorial Room.
The Lebanon Library has one meeting space, the All-Purpose Room (APR).
Use of the meeting rooms is primarily for educational, cultural or civic organizations that are free and open to the public. The exceptions are board meetings for non-profit groups, which may be held in these rooms even though these meetings are not open to the public, and for-profit groups which may use meeting rooms for a fee. Publicly advertised meetings or programs must be open to all.
No groups or individuals may charge attendees, solicit donations or sell items or services.
Commercial use of library meeting rooms is generally not permitted. However, a commercial entity or professional practitioner may use a library meeting room to provide an educational program open to the general public related to his or her field of expertise. In such a case, an educational opportunity offered by an expert provides benefit to the public. During such a program, no attempt may be made to sell, at the time of the program or in the future, a specific product or service offered by the entity or practitioner or any other commercial interest. Therefore, the individual or entity offering the program may not hand out business cards or brochures promoting any business, product or service and may not solicit personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) from the program participants, either as part of a pre-registration process or during the program itself.
Authors and artists hosted by the Lebanon Libraries may offer their works for sale incidental to a lecture or performance. Further, the Library Director may make exceptions for seminars, lectures and programs held in cooperation with the library, or for adult education courses sponsored by an established educational non-profit institution.
It is understood that library programming will have first priority in room use, and that room bookings made by outside groups may be preempted for library purposes.
Rooms may be reserved at or through the reference desk of either library. Any long-term space reservation shall be considered but not assured.
The library is not responsible for any equipment, supplies, materials, clothing or other items brought to the library by any group or individual attending a meeting.
Groups organizing private events (such as birthday parties), and those charging for their services or programs may not use the library’s meeting rooms.
Permission for groups composed of minors (under 18 years of age) to use the library meeting rooms will be granted only to adults who accept responsibility for supervising them throughout their activity.
The library reserves the right to cancel or suspend at its discretion any activity which disregards the library’s rules and regulations and/or eject any participant engaging in disruptive, destructive, unruly or illegal behavior/conduct.
Meeting rooms are a library resource and should be left the way they were found. All supplies, food, drinks and trash should be removed by user at the completion of the use of the room. For groups not using the kitchen there is a “pack it in, pack it out” policy. A cleanup fee of $25 may be charged for rooms left in a disorderly condition. The individual who completes the registration form will be held responsible for damage. No tape of any type may be used on our walls. Please plan to bring an easel with you if you need to display materials.
Individuals and groups will be responsible for setting up tables and chairs for their meetings when needed. Library staff will provide assistance with equipment, such as the projectors. Staff assistance may be unavailable when the Kilton Library Community Room is booked outside the hours when the building is open to patrons.
Groups are prohibited from making statements in their advertising or meeting announcements that suggest library sponsorship or endorsement.
Neither the name nor the address of the library building may be used as the official address or headquarters of an organization.
The libraries cannot provide storage areas for groups using the rooms on an ongoing basis.
As per City Code Article 14-3 (Alcoholic Beverages), “No person shall consume any liquor or beverage while in, under, above or upon public streets, alleys, sidewalks, parking lots or other city-owned land…”. Anyone suspected of drinking, using drugs or exhibiting behavior considered inappropriate by library staff will be asked to leave immediately. In addition, as is indicated by City of Lebanon policy, smoking is prohibited. Special exceptions may be made for events at which alcohol will be served. Permission must be granted by the Library Director, an Application for Use of City Property & Waiver for Alcohol Use form must be sent to City Hall, and the waiver must be issued by the City Manager.
The Community Room at Kilton Library is a multi-use room with a seating capacity of 100. For-profit groups may use the room at a charge of $75.00 minimum for the first 4 hours and $15.00 per hour thereafter. Wireless access is available and a projector is available. This meeting space is available for after hours use.
The Conference Room at Kilton Library is for meetings of 12 or fewer. For-profit groups may use the meeting room at a charge of $40.00 minimum for the first 4 hours and $5.00 per hour thereafter. Wireless access is available and a projector is available.
The Tutorial Room at Kilton Library is for meetings of 5 or fewer. It is available on a first come, first served basis. Tutors being paid for their services may use this room at a fee of $2 per hour. For-profit groups who are not tutors, may use this room at a fee of $20.00 minimum for the first 4 hours and $5.00 per hour thereafter. Wireless access is available. The Tutorial Room may be reserved by any one person or group for no more than one 4-hour session or two 2-hour sessions on any one day; and for no more than a total of 10 hours during the course of a single week. Wireless access is available
The Kitchen at Kilton Library has a stove and microwave for warming purposes, and a refrigerator and coffee pots that may be used for a fee of $25.00 in conjunction with the Community Room. Use of the equipment from the kitchen, such as the coffee pot, hot water warmer, etc, will constitute a use of the kitchen and therefore a charge will be assessed.
The All-Purpose Room at Lebanon Library is a multi-use room with a seating capacity of 30. For-profit groups may use the meeting room at a charge of $40.00 minimum for the first 4 hours and $5.00 per hour thereafter. Wireless access and a projector are available.
Parking is available at the Kilton Library in the lot behind the building, and on Tracy Street. Please do not park in the Mascoma Savings Bank lot, the H&R Block Plaza lot, or any of the lots of nearby businesses.
All Lebanon Library parking in on-street. 
The digital projectors are available for use in any of our meeting rooms for no charge. Please let us know if you would like one available during your meeting.
The Library Director may occasionally make exceptions to this policy, on a case by case basis.
Adopted by the Board of Trustees: June 22, 2010
Revised: July 26, 2011; November 26, 2013; May 26, 2015; Sept. 19, 2015; Nov. 22, 2016; July 31, 2018