Chromebook Policy

In-house Chromebook Policy

Chromebooks are available for use at the Lebanon and Kilton libraries. The size of Chromebooks and their wi-fi capability provides maximum flexibility to library space usage while maintaining the libraries commitment to open access to the Internet.

Loan and Use Policy

Library Patrons

Anyone may check out a Chromebook for in-library use. If the patron doesn’t have a valid Lebanon Library Card, the Chromebook will be checked out to the Chromebook account in Koha for usage tracking purposes.

All laptops must be returned before the library closes. All default software settings will be restored and all created and downloaded files, cookies, Internet search history, etc. will be removed upon shut down.

Chromebooks may not be reserved for a specific time or day, nor can holds be placed on Chromebooks. They are handed out in a first come, first served manner

The borrower will be held responsible for any damage or theft. If the equipment is malfunctioning or the battery is low, staff should be immediately notified. Intentional damage, as determined by library staff, will subject the borrower to a charge. This charge will consist of the cost to repair or replace the device whichever is less plus a $50 administrative fee. Failure to return a Chromebook will result in a replacement fee of $250 plus a $50 administrative fee. Abuse of the loan policy, as determined by staff, may result in suspension of borrowing privileges.

All laptop policies and procedures are in accordance with the Lebanon Library Internet Use Policy that outlines acceptable use of the Internet at the Library.

The Equipment

The Chromebooks are a simplified laptop computer based on Google's Chrome browser & operating system. A wired mouse, headphones, and charging cord are available in a first come, first serve manner.

The Chromebooks connect to the Internet over an open wireless network. Since it is an unsecure network without encryption, users should exercise caution when transmitting sensitive information.

File downloads are permitted to USB storage devices. Network printers for laptop users are available. Printing will be charged at .25 a page.

The Library is not responsible for any damage to the user’s removable disks/drives or loss of data that may occur due to malfunctioning library hardware and/or software.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees: November 25, 2014; Revised by Trustees 1/26/2016; Revised 8/1/2017.