Adult programs

Adult Programming

First Thursday Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room

My Story: Autobiographical fiction

Novelists write what they know-- and often their imaginings are rooted in their own experience. 

Why are these books novels and not memoirs?  What kind of truth does fiction allow that straight autobiography does not?

Which do you prefer?

Bring along a brownbag lunch and a book on the theme.  A selection is on display, or you may bring another favorite to discuss

First Thursday Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room

Pets and Pests: Our lives with animals

Many novels and memoirs have been written about the relationships humans share with animals.  And some riveting nonfiction has been written about animals in conflict wtih us.

What do we learn from the animals close to us?  Why are these some of the dearest relationships some people have?

What about pigeons and man-eating tigers? What makes our struggle against them so passionate?