Adult programs

Adult Programming

First Thursday Kilton Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room


Rome Before the Fall--Ancient to Empire: Novels, History and Biography


From BCE 753 to 410 CE-- more than a thousand years, Rome made its mark on our civilization, its culture and personalities and events part of our heritage.

How do these novels and nonfiction, written in our era, speak to our time? What fascinates you about this ancient world power?



Yoga of 12-Step Recovery

Kilton Community Room

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery is a holistic model to address the physical, mental and spiritual disease of addiction. Y12SR is informed by the latest research in neuroscience and trauma healing.

There is no experience necessary.  Come with an open mind and comfy clothes. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. 

All A's are welcome, as are friends and family members, and anyone who has been touched by addiction. This program is free. 

To learn more, visit The instructor is Maeve Ryan, Certified Y12SR Leader. 

First Thursday Kilton Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room

Worlds of the Future: Speculative Novels and Nonfiction

What is the book's vision of the future-- a place where you would want to live? or want to avoid? What does this vision say about our present world?

"The beauty of dystopia is that it lets us vicariously experience future worlds - but we still have the power to change our own."--Ally Condie


Bring along a brownbag lunch and a book on the theme.  A selection is on display, or you may bring another favorite to discuss.