Adult programs

Adult Programming

First Thursday Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room

Natural Wonders/ Natural Disasters

in History, Memoir, and Novels

Man and Nature-- and the best and worst Nature can do.  What kind of disaster is the severest test of character? What is the impact of nature at its most spectacular?

 What makes nature compelling reading?  Do we envision ourselves in these situations? Or just thrill to the agonies or thrills from our cosy reading nooks?


First Thursday Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room

Historic Figures in Historical Fiction



What great person would you invite to dinner? What moment in history do you wish you’d been part of? This is what novelists play with when they dream up encounters with real people and real events in their historical fiction.  Do you know the character’s actual life and personality? What can you learn about a person from a novel that eludes you in a biography? Were you satisfied? Could you believe it?

First Thursday Book Buffet

Kilton Conference Room

Expeditions and Explorers: Novels and Histories of  Extreme Travel & World Exploration

Early heroes in uncharted territories. Pilgrims, self-challengers, and questers.

Their struggles and adventures make for exciting armchair travels-- but what inspired their get-up-and-go?  Is it courage or foolhardiness?

Build a computer

Kilton Community Room

The Lebanon public libraries are retiring some older computers.  Rather than throw them in the landfill, we are offering them to the public.  

In this program, we will completely disassemble and then reassemble the computers going over each part and what it does.  At the end of the program, you can take the computer home with you!

This is only for the computer, not a monitor, keyboard, or anything else.